Beyond humankind

The year is... later. Much, much later. Humankind have sent forth colonists on long range ships to explore the galaxy and build new outposts.

Where the humans of our story have found themselves is, perhaps, a slightly less enviable position. The surface of their world is an intense desert where no one could live. Deep within caves, they rest with a massive infrastructure of servers and micronutrient farms so that they can spend most of their lives in a better place, a place of their own creation.

We call it Earth.

Two sisters, a quiet engineer and a famous e-sports space pilot, go together on an investigation of a routine maintenance issue on their world's networking infrastructure, only to find themselves on a strange adventure that will shake their whole understanding of their world.

Join Tai and Callie Asche, sisters who are separate in Earth, but share a body outside of it, and their friend Jonasz Kordell, as they learn secrets about their world.

The long way home is a full story album built from Ashlyn Nafina's story of the same name. The story has been adapted, updated, and shortened to better fit the format. It is somewhere between a concept album, an audiobook, an audio drama, and a musical. We prefer not to put too fine a point on it!

Soaria is built from many years of experience in podcasting and storytelling, and have been working on music and pro-grade audio production since summer 2020, when everyone needed something to distract their minds. Give us a try!

Credits and transcripts

The long way home, the original novella / short story that inspired this album. You can find out quite a lot more background info about the world in that, if you're so inclined.

Transcripts for The long way home, in case, like me, you have trouble parsing speech sometimes.

Composition, writing, production, voice narration, and voice acting, by Soaria.

A big thanks to contributors from FreeSound cc0: 000600, deleted-user-7146007, soundsforhim, junikaefer, nox-sound, ericstrausser, colorscrimsontears

Various loops and instruments provided by the music production community. Here are a few groups we like: Native Instruments, iZotope, W.A. Production, Soundtrack Loops, Eduardo Tarlionte, Spitfire Audio, 8dio/Soundpaint, Image-Line, Ableton

A big ol' shout-out to Alex Moukala for getting me into orchestral production, and inspiring me to upgrade my VSTs and composing technique. Seriously, check out his YouTube channel. :)

Check out The Producer Dojo if you're interested in music production lessons. I learned a lot from lurking on their Discord for a while, and I hear good things about the actual lessons.

Join us for Soaria's first full story album.

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Transcripts for The long way home

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