Unknown unknowns

In spite of all of the advances humanity has made over time, the tendency to want others to conform is still a seemingly strong drive. Not one of us is "normal", whatever that means. But all of us are stuck pretending, because we don't want to be That Person. We don't want to be cast out of the herd. Eventually, if left unchecked, that can become actual self-loathing.

You can wait all day
To get the permission
Meanwhile I'm in here
Dying inside

People live their lives every day, a lot more of them than you probably think, with traits, conditions, or preferences that, in spite of being harmless or even endearing, are misunderstood and often reviled. Gender non-conformity, attraction non-conformity, ADHD people, autistic people, plural/multiple people, and so on.

You need yourself a shrink
Cure your head fiction
But you always are yourself
Even if you tried

This is a concept album dedicated to all those people who've had to hide who they are to survive. Smiling phantoms, or phantoms smiling. Responsible adult on the outside, scared and beautiful creature(s) afraid to shine, on the inside.

Our protagonists, in this case, are a writer/geek named Chloe, and her childhood "imaginary" friend.

Smiling phantoms is a story album 'lite'. It tells a story, but is also just a framework to hook some music on!

Soaria is built from many years of experience in podcasting and storytelling, and have been working on music and pro-grade audio production since summer 2020, when everyone needed something to distract their minds. Give us a try!

Credits and transcripts

Transcripts etc coming later, but for now, you can find all that info with the tracks on SoundCloud.

Join us for Soaria's first try at a story album!

Smiling phantoms on SoundCloud

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